Armikrog ab Anfang 2015 für Wii U

Das Entwicklerstudio Pencil Test Studios hat aktuell bekannt gegeben, dass man den zuletzt über Kickstarter finanzierten Titel Armikrog Anfang 2015 für die Wii U veröffentlichen wird. Die Wii U Version verspricht spezielle Features die speziell auf die Nutzung des Wii U GamePads abzielen.

“A quick update to let you all know that we’re still knee-deep in clay, working towards getting the game done,” said Pencil Test Studios. “Things are moving quickly here, and while there’s still a lot to do, we’ve decided that we can all sleep AFTER the game is released. We’re still targeting the release of the PC, Mac and Linux versions for the end of this year–but we’ve also started to nail down our release schedule for the WiiU version as well (hoo-ray!). The WiiU will have some cool features specific to this platform that we’ll need some extra time to complete–so the official word is that Armikrog for the WiiU will be released in early 2015.”

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