Doch kein Multiplayer-Modus für Mario Maker

WiiU_MarioMaker_illu01_E3Obwohl sich der Producer von Mario Maker vor einigen Tagen von der Idee eines Multiplayer-Modus in Mario Maker positiv überrascht gezeigt hat, scheint die Idee wohl nicht umgesetzt zu werden. Laut Tezuka möchte man sich auf die Erstellung der Level konzentrieren.

“Yes, I would like to use other characters, for one, and as far as multiplayer, I’m pretty set on probably not. What’s important about this game is the creation part, and we really want to focus on that.”

“That’s actually something that we’re working on now. We actually have a lot of different options, but we’re trying to figure out what would be the best for this game. We could use Miiverse as a platform, possibly export videos to YouTube or we can have something built straight into Mario Maker, and we’re just evaluating our options right now.”

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