GameInformer veröffentlicht Wertung zu Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Donkey-Kong-Country-Tropical-Freeze-Creates-Quite-a-Buzz-at-NYCC-233143-largeIn der aktuellen Ausgabe der GameInformer findet sich ein erster Test zu Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Im Test kam GameInformer zu einer Wertung von 9,25 von 10 möglichen Punkten. Alle weiteren Wertungen aus der GameInformer findet Ihr im nachfolgenden Beitrag.

• Donkey Kong TF – 9.25
• Tomb Raider Definitive – 9.25
• FF Lightning Returns – 7
• Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 – 6.0
• Broken Age Act 1 – 8.5
• Bravely Default – 8
• The Banner Saga – 8.5
• OlliOlli – 8
• Danganrompa – 8.5
• Dr. Luigi – 8
• Repubilque – 7.5
• Dragon Ball Z Battle of Oz – 7
• Joe Danger Infinity – 8
• Nidhoog – 8
• Fable Anniversary – 8

• Seems like generic worlds, ice, beach, jungle but “the variety is amazing”
• Ride minecarts through saw mills, dash through a forest with a raging fire, etc.
• Great difficulty balance, bonus stages are a bit ridiculous in difficulty though that is expected.
• Water levels return, are very fun, better to control with analog stick than d-pad. For some reason you have to access the menu to pick one or the other.
• Dixie and Cranky add new moves that work best to reach certain collectibles or specific platforming challenges. Rotating barrels allow you to select the best Kong for the job.
• “Local Co-op is as much a mixed bag as the first installment.”
• 6 worlds instead of 8 in the last game. But each level is larger. Reviewer says it rather have a smaller collection of the best levels Retro can make than a more bloated game with less quality levels and that is exactly what this game does.


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