Wii U Virtual Console: Infos zu Spielen und Preise


Nintendo gab aktuell bekannt, dass die Wii U Virtual Console ab morgen im Wii U eShop starten wird. Im nachfolgenden Beitrag findet Ihr Infos zu den jeweiligen Spielen sowie erste Preisangaben für England sowie Europa.

Super Mario World – €7.99/£5.49
Mario and Luigi’s first Super NES escapade took them into a new land with new characters, new abilities and much more – becoming an all-time best-seller. In Super Mario World the plumber brothers come to Dinosaur Land, meet their new lovable companion Yoshi and do battle with Bowser and his minions across dozens of fiendishly designed levels packed with secrets. As well as riding Yoshi and slurping up enemies, you can also take to the skies with the aid of the new Cape Feather – and soar into a world of adventure!

This is the US version of the game.

Ice Climber – €4.99/£3.49
Conquer treacherous peaks, leap across icy chasms and swat snow-dwelling beasts – solo or with a friend – in this NES classic. Use your hammer to bash blocks and to defend yourself from the wildlife as you head towards the summit. Make it through all eight floors to reach the bonus stage and grab as many vegetables as you can before hitching a lift on a friendly condor. In two player mode, either work together to reach the mountain top or compete to see who can get the glory first!

This is the US version of the game.

Mario’s Super Picross – €7.99/£5.49
This Super Nintendo version of the popular ‚picture crossword‘ game was originally released only in Japan, and features hundreds of relaxing yet challenging brainteasers. Each Picross puzzle consists of a numbered grid of tiles which reveal a picture when correctly chiselled away. In Mario’s main mode, a wrong move means losing time. However, in the more difficult Wario mode, mistakes are not shown, so be careful. Also, a friend can help by joining in with a second controller.

This is the Japanese version of the game.

Donkey Kong Jr. – €4.99/£3.49
Donkey Kong has finally been captured by Mario! In this unique role-reversal platformer, you play as DK’s son, Junior, and must save dad from Mario’s clutches. Swing and climb your way across vines and chains to grab the keys that unlock Donkey Kong’s cage, avoiding nasty critters like Snapjaws and Nitpickers. It’s a game all about speed and high scores – so get swinging and rack up those points – but don’t forget to rescue DK!

This is the US version of the game.

Excitebike – €4.99/£3.49
The original Excitebike combines high-octane thrills and hair-raising stunts in a masterpiece of simple yet effective design from the early days of the NES. Speed solo across perilous obstacle courses or face off against rival bikes in white-knuckle races against the clock. Speed and stability are key, as you must keep your bike level on the landings, to avoid eating dirt. You can also create – and then race on – your own tracks in the Design Mode.

This is the US version of the game.

Punch-Out!! – €4.99/£3.49
What rookie boxer Little Mac lacks in size, he makes up for in determination. And with trainer Doc Louis by his side, Little Mac is ready to win big! NES classic Punch-Out!! pits your pint-sized pugilist against such diverse rivals as the fragile-jawed Frenchman Glass Joe, sucker-punching Russian Soda Popinski and the Hollywood heavyweight Super Macho Man. Use jabs, body blows, hooks and uppercuts to discover your opponent’s weak spot and make the knockout blow. Also, look out for an appearance by Mario as the referee!

This is the US version of the game.

F-Zero – €7.99/£5.49
In the year 2560, the greatest racing competition is the F-ZERO championship. Pilots from across the galaxy risk their lives in a high-speed battle of turbo-charged hovercraft. Taking full advantage of the Super NES’s ‚Mode 7TM‘ effect, F-ZERO redefined racing games with its smooth, fast graphics and thrilling gameplay. It also featured one of the most famous soundtracks in video games, and introduced players to the likes of Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh.

This is the US version of the game.

Wii U Panorama View
Wii U Panorama View opens a window to the sights and sounds of some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Wii U owners use the GamePad controller to look in every direction to control an immersive 360-degree video guided tour as these destinations come to life from the comfort of your living room. Imagine catching all the sights during a tour of London on a double-decker bus or exploring the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Four individual video tours are offered for €1.99/£1.79 each on the Nintendo eShop. An interactive preview is also available for download allowing you to taste the different experiences of the individual tours for free.


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