Super Smash Bros. Wii U wird keine Balancing-Patches mehr bekommen

Geht man nach aktuellen Aussagen des Super Smash Bros. Wii U Schöpfers Masahiro Sakurai haben er uns sein Team derzeit keine Pläne für weitere Balancing-Patches. Laut Sakurai könnte es zu einem Patch kommen, sofern sich herausstellt, dass es Charaktere gibt, die man nicht besiegen kann. In den kommenden Wochen bis Monaten werde man sich auf die Verbesserung des Online-Modus konzentrieren.

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—In the future, do you plan on adjusting or balancing the game further through a patch?

Sakurai: We don’t have any such plans, but at the very least we will be working on a few things connected to the online play experience, bit by bit.

If we were to do something like tweak characters‘ customized special moves, then there’d be no end to it. But with that said, if there are any glaring issues, we may address them.

—That’s because with customized special moves or items, you can only play with them enabled online with players who are in your friends list, isn’t that right?

Sakura: When playing with your personal friends, I think it’s probably more interesting that you can almost cheat a little through customizing your character. *Laughs*


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