Die ersten Reviews zu Bayonetta 2 sind da

Einige Publikationen haben heute erste Reviews zu Bayonetta 2 veröffentlicht. Wie bereits im Vorfeld erwartet steigt der Titel sehr recht gut aus. Gleich mehrere Seiten vergeben eine perfekte Punktezahl was zu einer durchschnittlichen Wertung von 92 bei Metacritic reicht.

Eurogamer Deutschland 100 

Buy it if you liked the first one. Buy it, if you love it. Buy it if you love video games. Buy a Wii U if you have to. Bayonetta 2 sings all its praises in a celebration to this hobby of ours. But don’t make the mistake of not playing it.

God is a Geek 100

Intense, gorgeous and thrilling to play, this is Platinum’s best game so far…A non-stop climax of excitement from the moment you start the Prologue, this is one of those games that demands to be played.


It not only plays great, but there’s so much style involved in just about every animation. Dashing turns you into a panther, double-jumping allows you to sprout butterfly wings, hovering turns you into a crow. Everything from the snapshot „photo finish“ effect of completing a challenge room is painstakingly detailed.


Bayonetta 2 is the perfect action game. It oozes style and boasts gameplay that’s both refined and lacking in excess. The combat is so purely entertaining that it’s easy to lose yourself in the almost-zen flow of dodging, countering and kicking enemies to death.


It is a masterclass in pure, unadulterated action-game design, where its insane eye-popping visuals meld effortlessly with some of the sharpest, most joyful combat to have ever graced a video game.

EDGE – 100

Sega’s loss is Nintendo’s gain: Bayonetta, twirling away from a gigantic demon’s maw and smacking the highest choir of angels on the nose, has just given Wii U its first true classic. [Nov 2014, p.100]


This sequel builds on everything that made the original great, and delivers one of the most satisfying action games I’ve played.

Nintendo World Report 90

One of the best games to ever grace the Wii U. The sequel feels tighter, less obnoxious, and is a blast to play through. While the Wii U GamePad is not used in any significant way, and Tag Climax could have benefited from local co-op, this is the action-packed Bayonetta follow–up that I wanted.

Nintendo Life90

Bayonetta is is a must buy for any action gaming fans. It’s fast, intense and ridiculous, all with an entertaining story and a protagonist that is forever subverting and playing with her audience. It’s pure Platinum Games, too, which means it’ll likely be adored by its converts and ignored by too many…Brilliant, brash and impossible to ignore.


I won’t guess why the blatant over-sexualization is still there, often more intensely than before. But it causes an otherwise great game to require a much bigger mental compromise to enjoy.

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